Our Story

When it comes to inspired design and benchmark architecture,
Diamante is a well-established leader in the Toronto development industry.

The company is highly respected for their exceptional developments, providing building after building in prime city locations that transform neighbourhoods and create aspirational residential destinations. The Diamante hallmark has always been superior building quality, unique living spaces and extraordinary value. For more than three decades, Diamante has contributed magnificent structures to the Toronto skyline and beyond.

Diamante is a full-service company, overseeing all aspects of a development including planning, development, marketing and advertising, sales, construction, after sales service and property management. The company holds an Excellent rating from the Tarion Warranty Corporation and is the three time winner of the coveted Grand Sam Award for Project of the Year from BILD, an unprecedented three years in a row.

But creating memorable addresses and excellent investment opportunities is just part of the Diamante story. A benevolent corporation, Diamante believes in giving back to the community and is a vigorous supporter of local charities.

As well, the company places prime importance on producing winning business plans that generate excellent returns. Constant research and review facilitates efficiencies in every area of development; streamlining and perfecting the process to ensure investors are rewarded with profits that most often exceed expectations.

Diamante Development Corporate Video